User Plans

Fat Agent Access

  • Widgets – Booking / Contact / Leads
  • Unlimited Leads / Contacts / Users
  • Email – Analytics / Templates / Drip
  • Reports / In-App Chat / Calendar
  • All CRM Features

L&H Access

  • Comparative Rater
  • Policy Downloads
  • Pending Case Status

P&C Access

  • Comparative Rater
  • Policy Downloads
  • Commissions Downloads

Additional Users

W2 Employee

  • Billed to Organization

1099 Agent

  • Can be Billed to Agent or Organization
  • LOA Access of Organization Included

Add Ons

App Phone

  • Unlimited Voice
  • Unlimited Text

Fat Chat

  • Website Chat
  • Website Quote Bot

Data Prefills

060per pull
  • Driver Data
  • Vehicle Data
  • Declarations Pages

Agent Websites

Agent Website


Content Page Writing

$5000per page
  • SEO Optimized
  • Call to Actions

Local SEO Package

  • Local Listing
  • On Page

“With Fat Agent, we’ve seen 30% new business growth quarter over quarter. Total household premiums and PIF are growing like never before.”


Digital courses

Agency Builder Course

$39900one time
  • Getting Licensed to Sell
  • Getting Carrier Appointments
  • Storefront vs Digital

Lead Generation Course

$39900one time
  • Generate Leads Online
  • Get 20-50 Leads a Month
  • SEO, SEM, Paid Ads

Insurance Sales Masters Class

$39900one time
  • Grow an Existing Book Fast
  • Cross Sell Techniques that Work
  • Household Lifetime Value